Fire Season

Current Fire Season

Restricted Fire Season

Zone A (Pink) - Restricted Fire Season

Zone B (Green) - Restricted Fire Season

Zone C (Purple) - Restricted Fire Season

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NOTE: You will also need to comply with Environment Southland air quality rules

Types of Fire Seasons

Open Fire Season

A fire can be lit in the open air without a Fire Permit. Full responsibility is with the person lighting the fire to take all precautions and make sure any fire is safe and secure. Open Fire Seasons occur when conditions are cool and damp. This is generally over the winter months.

Restricted Fire Season

Restrictions are placed on some burning activities. You may still be able to have a fire provided you obtain a fire permit. To check if you require a fire permit for your fire, refer to fire zone.

Restricted fire seasons occur when vegetation dries out due to wind and sunny days, increasing the risk of a wildfires occurring. Restricted Fire Seasons generally occur any time from September to April. However it’s not unheard of for a Restricted Fire Season to occur during the winter months.

Prohibited Fire Season or Total Fire Ban

A Prohibited Fire Season means no fires are permitted as the fire danger is too high. During a Prohibited Fire Season only gas barbeques can be used.

If you are reported lighting a fire during a Prohibited Fire Season Southern Fire and Emergency New Zealand is obliged under regulation to put it out. Because Southern Fire and Emergency New Zealand is a non-profit organisation you may receive a bill.

A Prohibited Fire Season occurs when conditions are very dry. This is generally early to mid-summer. The Prohibited Fire Season is advertised in the media and “Total Fire Ban” signs are erected within the District.

If you have any questions relating to fire, please ring us on 0800 658 628.